This is a matched set owned by, you guessed it, my daughter. She’s led a life of special privilege and attention and has earned the[…]

Glock 42 Engraving

A home made original, this thumber is chambered in 458 SOCOM and features Serenity Arms’ Patriot Series Battle Worn Texas theme on the receiver set.[…]

SA Patriot 458 SOCOM

When it’s play time with the kitties, this beautiful Ruger SR22 in a pink/white hello kitty scheme fits in perfectly.

Hello Kitty SR22

This Ruger 1911 had the frame, slide and barrel smoothed and nickel plated for a fantastic shine. The trigger and hammer were both done in[…]

Nickel Ruger 1911

This gun started life as a Weatherby Youth 20 gauge SA-08 shotgun and is now a short barrel tactical defense shotgun. This conversion starts with[…]

Tactical Weatherby SBS